Gardena Circular Sprinkler Vario with Spike 1949-20

Product Ref: 1949-20

Price: €19.99

The GARDENA Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario allows even watering of your garden.

The Circular Sprinkler can irrigate an area of maximum 225 m² and has a range of maximum 8.5 m.

It has 7-step sector settings in steps of 45° from 90° to 360°.

You can individually set the sprinkler for your garden.

The special sprinkler-turning turbine guarantees even water distribution and the spray direction can be individually adjusted.

For irrigation of especially large areas, several sprinklers can be connected to each other – simply replace the end cap with a GARDENA Tap Connector (Art. No. 901) or the GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Tap Connector (Art.-No. 2801).

The Circular Sprinkler is firmly mounted on a spike so that it can be effortlessly secured in the lawn.

The fine-mesh, removable dirt filter is also practical for easy cleaning.

For easy irrigation of your garden.