Paslode Framing Nailer IM350plus

Product Ref: 450001350090

Price: €699.99


The ideal nailer for working on light framing, remodelling, joists, rafters, fences and recreational deck applications. Drives 50-90mm ring or smooth shank strip nails Applications for the Cordless Nailer IM350: Timber frame erection Floor boarding Roof battening Decking Flat roofing Chipboard Fencing Joists Noggins Soffits Refurbishment Shuttering Panelling Packaging

Lightweight - reducing operator fatigue, Cordless - portable and convenient with no set-up time, Versatile - drives 51 - 90mm stainless steel, hot dip galvanised, electro galvanised, bright, ring, unilock or straight nails (subject to nail type).

Drives up to a maximum of 2 nails per second and 1000 per hour.

Weight 3.1kg

Height 36.8cm

Cycle rate up to 2 per second

Maximum cycle rate 1000 per hour

Fastener capacity 55

Fuel cell life 850

Battery approx 4000 fixings per charge

230 volt charger maximum charge time of 2 hours