Protim Wood Preserver or Woodworm Killer

Product Ref: PWP

Price from: €7.99

Avaialble in 4 sizes:

  1. 250ml €7.99
  2. 500ml €9.99
  3. 1L €11.99
  4. 2.5L €23.99


  • Protim is a wood preservative for the treatment of new and existing internal and external timbers which are out of ground contact or surface water contact and above the damp proof course
  • treats woodworm and prevents future attack
  •  protect the timbers from attack by wood rotting fungi (including dry rot) and wood destroying insects. 
  • In external situations it is recommended that the exposed surfaces of the woodwork are painted, or given some other protective finish, and the finish is maintained in service.

Universal - For new or existing wood (joinery timbers, floor boards, joists, fascia etc.). Colourless, eradicates insects and protects against wood destroying fungi. Exterior timber should be further protected with stain or paint.