Ready To Roll Skimcoat Plaster Assorted Sizes

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Ready to roll Skimcoat Plaster 2.5 litres
Ready mixed plaster  for the DIY enthusiast - Interior Drywall Treatment. Easy to use for plasterboard, drywall, etc.
Note: The product is non toxic. Use suitable joint filler on all tape/joint/screws/holes etc and let dry prior to applying plaster. “Surface must be paint ready

Preparation (2.5litre)

All surfaces should be cleaned, dry and free from dust and grease. All tapes & joints should be filled in, smoothed and allowed to dry before plastering. All nails or other objects including wallpaper or blistering paint should be removed. All cracks, holes or dents should be filled and smoothed before plastering. Ensure the wall is free of all fragments including adhesives. Allow 24 hours drying time under normal household conditions prior to painting. Ensure the lid is correctly sealed on the bucket. Store in a dry, protected area away from heat sources, direct sunlight, solvents, and other chemicals. The shelf life of the product is 2 years. Please store the bucket upright during travel. we will not accept responsibility for spillage. 2.5 litresshould be sufficient to cover 10 square metres (approx) depending on surface and porosity. Reseal lid and place material in a suitable container for intended use or disposal.
2.5 litre plastic bucket

Using Roller: 
1. Open Lid. 2. Stir plaster for one minute using a clean stick. 3. Use roller from bucket or tray. If using tray, pour contents into tray. 4. Dip roller into plaster and fully cover. Clean excess plaster off roller. 5.Apply second coat to wall or ceiling, rolling the plaster up and down.6. Apply second coat to same area directly after first coat. This should cover the wall completely with plaster. If not, apply more plaster to the roller and continue coverage. Ensure roller is fully covered with plaster before rolling. 7. For best results use the spreader to smooth the plaster to a smooth finish by running it over the plaster, taking the excess plaster off and levelling the plaster out. this should be done in stages when the plaster is still wet. We recommend you use the smoothing of the plaster with the spreader over 120cm X 120cm segments of the wall or ceiling. 8. If finish is not satisfactory you can wipe with a damp sponge and/or apply additional plaster and level off using spreader. 9. It is recommended that you clean the excess plaster off the spreader by scraping it back into the bucket. To clean, wash the spreader with water. 10. Use the spreader or paintbrush to cover the areas the roller cannot reach and level out with the spreader. 11. Complete this process until the wall or ceiling is completed. 12. The plaster, when dry, can be sanded to address any irregularities. 13. Leave for 24 hours and then the plasterboard wall or ceiling should be ready for painting. 14. The plaster should then be covered with a neutral sealer or primer paint. 
Important Notice 
Bubbles may appear in some instances as the plaster is drying out. To correct this rub down with a light damp sponge. If cracks appear apply the wet sponge on it. If the plaster is not fully dry this may cover it up. If not, apply a little plaster with spreader and smooth off.

Technical Data:
Description: Ready to Roll plaster is a skimcoat water based, non - flammable, polymer containing  ready mix plaster. 
Application: Ready to Roll plaster is suitable for applying as a skimcoat to plasterboard surfaces, both painted and unpainted.. Surfaces should be clean, sound and free from mould and any loose patches. Unpainted plaster and plasterboard should be primed with a suitable primer before application of Ready to Roll Plaster. Very smooth painted surfaces should be lightly sanded and washed down. Cracks over 2mm deep need to be filled with suitable filer and allowed to dry. The plaster is touch dry after approximately 1 hour, depending on the temperature and porosity of the surface etc. Any irregularities can be lightly sanded once plaster is dry, usually after 6-8 hours. Plaster can be painted after 24 hours with most types of paint. Tools and Rollers can be cleaned in warm soapy water after use.
Composition: Water based acrylic with filler * Appearance: Off-white/pink viscous liquid semi paste * Odour: Slight * Flammability: Non-Flammable * Biological: Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth * Service Conditions: -100C to 500C
2.5 or 7 or 10 litre plastic bucket