Black and Decker PW1330b 100bar Power Washer

Product Ref: PW1300B

Price: €119.99

 Black & Decker PW1300B pressure washer

  • compact, lightweight and portable, making it ideal for cleaning patios, decking, garden furniture, bicycles and cars. 
  • A fine mesh water filter prevents dirt particles from damaging the pump
  • ergonomically shaped handle allows you to comfortably carry it from place to place as required
  • maximum 100 bar pressure and a water flow of 360 litres per hour, provided by the powerful 1300 watt universal waterproof motor 
  • comes complete with a detergent bottle and a three metre high pressure hose. 
  • Features 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump 
  • Automatic safety valve Pressure by-pass 
  • Detergent injector kit Water filter 
  • Specifications Maximum pressure: 100 bar Connected load: 1300 watts Motor: universal Water flow rate: 360 litres per hour Total stop system Gun: HLY Spray lance: vario jet