Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Lithium Ion 8025-28

Product Ref: 8025-28

Price: €199.95

Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Li

The innovative GARDENA Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic Li makes irrigation even more convenient: thanks to the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The Hose Box does the cranking for you – conveniently, with the press of a button.

The practical Hose Box is mounted to the wall and can be swivelled by 180°.

The hose can be fully withdrawn without effort and stopped at any length.

The quality hose with 13 mm (½’’) hose diameter ensures a high water flow and optimal sprinkler operation.

The powerful, reliable lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures that the hose rolls up easily, reliably and evenly with 1.5m/sec at the press of a button.

The integrated hose guide prevents twisting and tangling of the hose. A plus: Roll-up takes no effort at all and requires no bending, cranking or application of force. Your hands stay clean.

The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery is ready to operate at all times and can be removed and recharged.

LEDs on the control unit show when the battery needs to be recharged or when there is a blockage.

After use of the Hose Box, the connecting hose can be easily attached to the anti-drip device, thus preventing dripping of water from the hose.

A further plus: Nozzles, sprayers and wash brushes can be stored on the wall bracket, ready for use.

In winter, the Hose Box can be taken by the ergonomically-shaped handle and effortlessly removed from the wall bracket for frost-protected storage.

The Hose Box is completely equipped with a 35-metre-long quality hose, a 2-metre-long connecting hose, an infinitely Adjustable Spray Nozzle (Art. No. 8114), a rechargeable battery charger, and all required Original GARDENA System Fittings: three Tap Connectors (Art. No. 900, 901, 902), a Standard Hose Connector (Art. No. 915) and a Water Stop (Art. No. 913). Thanks to the supplied wall bracket along with screws and wall plugs, mounting couldn't be simpler.