Paint Odour Eliminator 50ml

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Add some Zapp Paint Odour Eliminator to your paint. Problem solved. It drastically reduces paint odour. Works in ALL paints, lacquers, stains, adhesives, floor finishes etc.

Product Usages

  • Lacquers Oil based paints (especially in tight areas) 
  • Floor finishes (foul smelling floor coatings no longer a problem) 
  • Adhesives 
  • Painting & Decorating (no worries with occupied offices etc) 
  • DIY Auto Industrial 
  • Bottle is graduated to ease mix ratio etc / 
  • Small 50 ml bottle goes a LONG WAY. 
  • Paint Odour Eliminator Very few people actually like the smell of paint, but historically there was little or nothing they could do about it. Now you can! All you need to do is add some Paint Odour Eliminator (POE) it to your paint. It works when the paint is applied (not while it is in the tin). The ratio required will be governed by the nature of the paint. 
  • In general terms, the more pungent or powerful the paint smell is, the more POE will be required & visa versa. 
  • It works in ALL kinds of paints from oil, water based, two-pack, cellulose, etc and it also works in adhesives. 
  • Painting & Decorating Trade POE is also ideal for the painting & decorating trade where you have to work in offices, factories, hospitals, and all kinds of built up environments where there are people working, many of whom do not appreciate the ''beautiful'' smell of paint like you do! 
  • In many instances, POE will enable you work during ''their hours'' meaning you don''t have to go to the major expense of working through the night and paying out costly overtime etc. 
  • It works in ALL kinds of paints from oil, water based, two-pack, cellulose, etc and it also works in adhesives. 
  • Automotive POE is ideal for use in all strong smelling automotive paints, like two packs, lacquers, basecoats etc. 
  • Also very handy in smaller body shops where neighbouring building occupiers complain about the smell of paint etc. 
  • General Industry POE can be a great ally in countless industrial applications where the smell of paints, solvents, adhesives etc is a nuisance. Flooring contractors report great results in ''smelly'' floor lacquers. 
  • When applying floor finish, add some POE and stand out from your competition. 
  • Caution: More is not better, follow the graduation markings on the bottle, and err on a lesser mix rather than extra mix ratio. Too much POE actually undoes it effectiveness. 
  • Home Owners... Painting & decorating need not be a ''smelly experience'' any more. 
  • Add POE into your paint and the paint odour will be drastically reduced, even replaced by a pleasant smell. 
  • Works in ALL paints, varnishes, lacquers etc. 
  • Does not affect colour etc.