SOS Flood Bags Box of 5

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SOS Flood Bags Box of 5

WHAT ARE THEY? The SOS flood bags are a replacement for the traditional sandbag. They are lightweight and easy to store and can be deployed within minutes, to provide a quick and effective barrier against flood waters.

HOW ARE THEY ACTIVATED? Simply open up the protective wrapper and remove the SOS Flood Bag. Flatten out each bag and ensure the contents are evenly distributed. Immerse the SOS Flood Bag inside a container of water (not compatible with sea water). Within 3 minutes the SOS Flood Bag will be fully expanded and ready for use like a regular sand bag.

HOW DO THEY WORK? Each SOS Flood Bag contains SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) crystals. These crystals quickly absorb water which expands them to fill each sack. After expansion , each sack will weigh up to 18kgs, so please be careful lifting.