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Christmas Lights & Christmas trees – Let’s Decorate and Celebrate!

Christmas Lights & Christmas trees - Let's Decorate and Celebrate!

Christmas lights; we have all seen them and most of us have used them at some stage. When it comes to Christmas lights, we most often associate those lights with Christmas trees. While Christmas lights are most commonly used to decorate Christmas trees, did you know that they can also be used for much more? If you are planning on decorating your home for Christmas this year, you should check out the new range of LED Christmas lights, laser Christmas lights and the new Christmas projector lights. With a little imagination you will see that they can be used for a lot more than you may have originally thought.

Most of us love Christmas time, and the magic that is created at this time of year. The magic of Christmas is brought about mainly by Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, and Christmas trees. The great thing about Christmas lights is the variety that is now available, and they are getting better every year. Gone are the days when one took down the Christmas lights and spent hours of frustrating time trying to get them to work and eventually realising that some of the bulbs were broken. Then was the trek to the local hardware store, to see if they might have a few spare bulbs, ending up more than likely, having to buy a new set anyhow. Those were the day’s all-right.

Traditional Christmas lights with replaceable bulbs are becoming a thing of the past, with the coming of LED Christmas lights. The new range of LED Christmas lights come in many different colours and styles, bright white, cool white, multi-colour, red, and blue, being the most sought after. These new Christmas lights are brighter, longer, and more reliable and functional than the old fashioned bulb replacement Christmas lights.

Solar powered Christmas lights are also becoming more and more popular. These are best used where your area to be decorated is facing due south, as the sun at this time of the year is very limited in Ireland. Solar powered lights can also be used with a standard battery when there is limited sun over the festive season, a standard AA battery used on a string set of solar lights will last up to 72 hours. You can then revert back to the solar battery for the summer time. The main advantage here (apart from the energy saving) is that one does not need to bring power outside and they are extremely safe and flexible to use, and are extremely cheap to buy, if you shop at the right hardware store. The combinations are varied with up to eight or nine options of display styles and settings.

Rope lights can also be very effective when used with imagination. Rope lights are particularly effective for along the roofline and on the apex of houses. They can also look brilliant when wound around the base of some trees. Again Christmas rope lights should be available in most good hardware stores.
Most new Christmas lights are a lot safer as they use low voltage and most have a voltage regulator. However, as with all electrical products caution and safety must be paramount in our mind at Christmas time. Never take anything for granted when fitting any form of electrical appliance or fitting.

Although many individuals choose to use Christmas lights for their Christmas trees, as stated above, there are lots of other uses for them inside and outside your home. Icicle lights can be particularly attractive for the gutters and apex areas, string LED lights are also excellent for outside use, and for decorating any outside trees or porches, but the latest new Christmas laser projector lights have to be seen to be believed. The laser projector lights made their first appearance in Ireland in 2015 and soon sold out in many of the Hardware stores that were brave enough to stock this innovative new product. You need to see these new laser lights to believe them, brilliant is a word that comes to mind. Expert Hardware in Crumlin and www.hardwareireland.ie have a great range.

Christmas lights can be used almost anywhere nowadays. Some people go overboard, some people do nothing, and some people use their displays to raise money for charities and other great causes, but no matter what we should all make some effort both inside and outside the house to get the Christmas lights up and lighting. The days of using paper chains and decorations hanging from the ceilings are long gone, but checkout the indoor laser lights that are now available, and all by simply plugging in a device and instantly moving decorations will appear. It’s magic so let’s not lose the spirit of Christmas by acting like Mister Scrooge!

As nice as it is to decorate your home for Christmas, you may also want to decorate your office or your workplace. Unfortunately, not everyone celebrates Christmas. This may pose a problem for some now that we have multi cultures in Ireland. However, you can still, in many cases, use Christmas lights to decorate your office. In most cases, you will find that it is the decorations that scream Christmas that cause the problems, not the lights themselves. Therefore, if the boss approves you could easily hang Christmas lights around your office, factory or garage. Not only will this create a nice Christmas atmosphere but might even improve employee output and performance.

On the subject of workplaces, we seem to be getting a really mean “bah humbug” attitude from a number of business leaders and managers, when it comes to decorating workplaces such as shops and factories. Surely employers and business leaders should have some responsibility to decorate their premises with Christmas lights and Christmas trees, and give something back to the community that gives them business all year round! Maybe we should consider not doing our business with these mean companies that won’t even put up a few Christmas lights at this time of year? So come on Scrooge… have a blast!!

Why don’t we all make our own little effort to bring back the spirit of Christmas and start using Christmas lights and Christmas trees to brighten up our own local neighbourhood.

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