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Early Spring Gardening Tips from Hardware Ireland

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Spring is in the air again, the time when all Gardeners are just itching to get back into the garden. If you want your garden to look well throughout the summer, the preparation must start now. This is the time when everything starts to come back to life through the miracle of nature.  Spring bulbs are now displaying their beauty, and snowdrops are in full bloom.

Now is the time to make a start, to ensure you get the best from your garden. Freshen up your soil and spread organic-based fertilisers onto your flower and vegetable patches. Give all pot grown shrubs a top dressing of compost. Remove the top layer of old compost first. This is the time to sow seeds, indoors and outdoors (once the possibility of frost has gone).

Carry out all first line maintenance of your garden equipment. Check out your mower and make sure all is in order. Sharpen tools, oil your equipment and replace or repair anything that has broken or rusted over the winter months. Remember you will want your equipment to last the full year so check it out and if it can be repaired get it sorted, if not replace it now. At our store in Crumlin Village we offer a lawn mower repair and re-sharpening service, just drop your mower into our store and we will get it sorted for you, we can arrange a pick-up and delivery service if required. Phone (01) 456 0215 for details. If you do need to replace anything, check out our great range of lawn mowers and garden equipment at www.hardwareireland.ie.  All new customers will get a 5% discount.

This is a great time to get rid of some accumulated rubbish from your shed or greenhouse. Your local council will have a drop off facility, alternatively Key waste mini skips are available in-store and on-line now. Just buy the bag, fill it up and call the number on the bag to have it lifted.

Start weeding and digging your beds now once the weather is dry, this will save you a great deal of time and effort later on. Now is also the best time to plant trees and shrubs. Planting can take place as long as the ground in not too wet. Make sure to follow all instructions on the plant’s labels.

Prune hardy ever-greens that may have become overgrown over the winter months. Prune late-flowering shrubs such as hedges and fuchsias. Fuchsia respond really well to hard pruning – cut back to one or two buds above the ground. Remove any dead, diseased or damaged stems from roses this month. On bush varieties, cut stems back to an outward-facing bud, shorten them by about a third or half. Remember after pruning to give the shrub a good feed with organic or general purpose fertilizer and mulch over with organic matter.

Prepare the soil and plant all your brassicas (cabbage, caulis, sprouts) plant peas and shallots ensure to follow instructions on packs. Try your hand at planting some mint, parsley or thyme in some window boxes or tubs. Did you know that you can order seeds on-line from www.hardwareireland.ie.

Bedding plants that can now be planted include Fuchsias and Marguerites; it is also a good time to plant summer-flowering bulbs such as dahlia, gladioli and eucomis. Do not forget about your houseplants. Move them into slightly larger pots. Large leaved plants including rubber plants and Swiss cheese plants will benefit from a thorough clean. Wash off dust and grime with a proprietary leaf shine product or with cotton wool soaked in milk and water. Above all enjoy the sowing and eventual reaping. If you are thinking of planting a new lawn, look out for our next blog on late spring and grass care.

All the above products and more are available online at www.hardwareireland.ie. Enjoy the weather and stay fit and well.

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