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Weedkillers from Hardware Ireland

With the change in weather in springtime comes the nuisance of weeds around the garden, paving and soil. There are a whole myriad of weedkillers available to tackle the various weeds in both ready to use and concentrated forms. This is a guide to help you choose the correct weedkiller for the problem.

With the increase in paving and decking in the past decade moss has become a major scurge for home owners. Moss is a stubborn green algae which needs a specific form of treatment to kill it. The most popular and effective are HG Green Slime Moss & Algae Remover, Weschems Moss Buster or Ever Builds Moss Killer. These are mainly in concentrated firm and require mixing to water. Once mixed they are applied to the moss using a sprayer or brush and allowed to penetrate the moss. The moss can be attacked with a stiff deck scrub or power washer to remove. Weschems Moss Buster is recommended here as once applied it will restrict the moss reappearing in the areas applied for up to 12 months.

Moss killers are excellent for removing moss and algaes but will not kill weeds. For this again there are a variety of brands available. The most effective from our experience are Round Up & Pathclear. Both are available in ready to use (rtu) trigger sprays which are extremely easy to use. Simply twist the nozzle and spray directly on the weed. Allow the weedkiller to penetrate the weed- do not be tempted to rip the weed out. Allowing the weedkiller penetrate the weed to the root and ensure the weed is properly killed. This will take a few days but your patience will be rewarded. For larger areas by these weedkillers in concentrated form as they offer much better value. They may be applied by sprayer or watering can and work in the same way. Pathclear has a retardant in it which will restrict growth of weeds for up to 3 months.

These weedkillers should not be used on lawns or in areas where planting is to be carried out. Weedol is the best choice here. It will kill the weeds but is age for planting shrubs or bedding within 48 hours. Weedol Lawn Weedkiller is a weedkiller suitable for use on lawns that will kill weeds such as dandelions or daisies but will not kill the grass. Alternatively, Evergreen Feed and Weed will feed the lawn and kill the weeds. This is available in liquid form to be mixed in sprayer or watering can. It is also available in a handy shaker pack in granular form. This has the added bonus of killing moss and improving water retention in the lawn. Once applied to the lawn at walking pace the granules need not be watered providing it rains within the next three days.

As with all weedkillers care should be taken to apply in the correct ratio. When mixed in too little a quantity performance will be reduced . When applied to heavily in particular on lawns scorching may arise. Weather conditions should also be considered. With the odd exception it is not wise to apply a weedkiller when rainfall is forecast as the rain will dilute the application ratio. Always keep weedkillers stored away from pets and animals and read the instructions carefully. If you are not sure of which weedkiller to use, please send us an email with the area you are seeking to make weed free to [email protected] and we will do our utmost to advise you.

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