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How to buy a Lawnmower and avoid accidents in the garden.

How to buy a Lawnmower and avoid accidents in the garden.

In late June a couple of years ago I got a phone call from my brother’s wife to tell me my brother, was in hospital after cutting his toe off in an accident with his lawnmower. When I got to the hospital some time later he was still in shock and had lost his complete big toe, from his left foot. On speaking with him I discovered he was simply mowing the garden on a Saturday afternoon and got “fussy” over the border by his flower bed. He lifted his petrol mower up to get a closer cut at the border of the grass, slipped, and the mower fell (still running) onto his foot. He experienced a stabbing pain then blacked out. He woke up in hospital some time later minus his big toe.!! Ouch!!

Accidents happen everywhere, even in the garden. There is a lot we can do however to prevent accidents whilst cutting the lawn, and the old rule of thumb applies… make sure you have the right tools for the job.

When it comes to lawn mowers, there are numerous choices, so the trick is to get the right mower that suits your needs. No point in getting a Rolls Royce engine to drive a Morris Minor. The purchase of a lawn mower is now very simple with the advent of online stores and one should first identify their exact needs before purchasing. A little bit of research can save both time and money and ensure that your purchase will do the job you bought it for. Some people are reluctant to purchase a lawn mower online but if you look for a reliable supplier who offers a full 100% guarantee, this should reduce any anxiety one may have.

My own favourite lawnmower for a medium sized garden is the Bosch Rotak 37 LI Rotary Cordless Lawnmower. This mower comes in a variety of options and a video of the lawn mower can be viewed here.

For larger sized gardens a good petrol mower is required the ProPlus Push 18in Petrol Lawnmower 4hp. You may even require a ride on mower, such as the McCulloch Low Ride Vehicle Tractor 11.5hp 66cm cut, a Lightweight rear collect tractor mower.

For smaller gardens a push mower is ideal, in particular if you want to stay fit and exercise while you work. If not then try a small electric mower such as the Black and Decker BDEMAX32S EMAX32S 1200W 32cm Electric Lawnmower or the Flymo Venturer. The choice is endless so make sure you know what suits your needs before you buy. Always look out for good package deals such as a free strimmer or a bundle pack which can give great value.

When you do buy make sure to read the instruction manual, it is always tempting to try start without reading but a few minutes reading about your new product will pay dividends and make the job easier in the long run. Use common sense when using your mower, keep children and pets at a safe distance, never leave your lawn mower running when unattended, never try to fill your mower with petrol whilst it is running, and always let it cool down before re-fueling.

Finally be very careful on slopes and edges, and never ever lift a mower up to geta better cut or reach difficult areas. Remember my poor bother Jonathan and his big toe. Take care and enjoy your garden. To view all the available Lawnmowers from Hardware Ireland click here.

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