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How to Fix Objects to a Cavity Wall

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When it comes to fitting objects like curtains, shelves, flat screen televisions, and such to cavity or dry lined walls most people tend to shy away from it. The main reason for this is people tend to think it is too difficult or are unsure how to do it. In this article I will simplify this task, which really is very simple, once we follow the golden rule of: “have the right tools and fixings for the right job”.

For lighter items such as pictures, light mirrors, or other light fixings the best and easiest method is to use what’s known as an Easi Driva fittings which come in both metal and plastic. Ensure there are no wires, pipes, or indeed a baton behind the plasterboard, this can be done by using a magnet as shown in the video below or by using a Stud Sensor (if there is a baton behind then just screw or nail your item straight into the baton). Start a small pilot hole with either a bradawl or small drill bit, then simply place the pointed end of the fitting into the hole and screw home with a screwdriver. The beauty of the Easi Driva fittings is you do not require a drill or any other equipment other than a bradawl and screwdriver.

There are other fixings such as Spring toggles, and plasterboard/hollow wall fixings, Rayfix plasterboard fittings and numerous other fixings, but my own favourite is the Expandet Rosett fittings. These fittings come in 3 different sizes to hold from 10KG to 30KG direct tension, and each pack has instructions on how to fit. The Expandet Rosett fittings are ideal for heavier items such as hanging a curtain pole in a cavity wall, hanging heavy mirrors, hanging shelves, hanging coat hangers, and hanging a television set. The only tools needed are a screwdriver and hand held electric screwdriver/drill.

Expandet Rosett works with the same degree of safety whether used in insulated or simple cavities, it will not damage the wall, and gives a permanent fixing for all items. Make sure before you drill your fixing hole that the location is exactly where you want it taking into consideration the location of the hanging bracket of each item you want to hang. On some items it is necessary to have two or more anchor points. Using a metal tape measure each anchor spot from the ceiling down, or the floor up to ensure the product to be hung is level. This should then also be checked with a spirit level. Take care that the drill does not slip or move, even slightly, when drilling matching holes.

Attached is a link for a visual demonstration of Expandet fittings.

This link, by The Ultimate Handyman, gives you a full demonstration of how to fit to a cavity wall using other fittings.

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