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If you have a problem with mould, this is the answer!

If you have a problem with mould, this is the answer!Mould is more than an unsightly nuisance, it can damage your health, your home, it is unsightly and smelly, and now there is no reason to tolerate this microscopic fungi any longer.

New to Hardware Ireland, is Mould X, a comprehensive range of mould treatments that will eradicate even the most stubborn mould from your home. Moulds will grow when provided with moisture and a surface to grow on. High moisture levels can be the result of water coming in from the outside, through the floor, walls, or roof, or from plumbing leaks, or even by moisture created by people living in the home, through daily activities like bathing, washing clothes, or cooking. Moisture accumulates within the home when there is insufficient ventilation to expel that moisture.

Mould grows on walls and ceilings, around pipes, behind and on wallpaper, behind curtains and cupboards, on tiles and grout, and around baths and showers. The good news is that now, thanks to ARC Building Products, and Hardware Ireland there is an easy answer to dealing with this unsightly and health damaging mould.

Mould X Mould Cleaner with Chlorine, is a powerful and instant mould killer particularly suitable for all washable surfaces in sanitary areas. This cleaner is powerful and has instant action, it permanently kills, removes and cleans mould and mildew, it also removes moss, algae and bacteria such as E coli and salmonella, and is suitable for washable surfaces such as glazed tiles, silicone, walls, ceilings, glass, wood, plastic, and grout. It comes in a handy 750ml size and is competitively priced on-line at only €8.99.

Mould X Chlorine Free at €9.99 is a low odour formulation with no bleaching effect and is ideal for most areas and surfaces including bedrooms and children’s rooms, delicate materials such as wallpaper, textiles, and leather.

Mould X Anti-Mould Stain Block is the ideal product to use once the mould has been killed and cleaned away. This is ideal to cover any remaining stains and to protect against future mould growth. This highly pigmented oil based coating protects against mould, mildew and stains. It is ideal to cover most stains including water, soot, and nicotine stains. It also acts as a damp seal to protect against moisture. Priced at €18.99 on Hardware Ireland for 750ml size.

Mould X also supply an Anti-Mould Silicone, wall and ceiling paint in white, and an anti-mould paint additive that is suitable for paint, plaster, grout, tile adhesive and fillers. All the above products have full instructions on the label, so no more reason to tolerate mould. Check out www.hardwareireland.ie for the full range, delivered to your door.

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