Proplus Battery Operated Lawnmower

Proplus Evolve Battery Operated Lawnmower

This week I would like to introduce you to the new Proplus EVOLVE 40v Cordless Lawnmower 43cm. Do not let the low price of this super battery operated lawnmower turn you off. This cordless lawn mower is as good as some branded products at more that twice its price. It has a big 43CM blade, can use either a 80 or 40 minute charged battery and makes mowing the lawn a real pleasure again.

This cordless lawnmower is the best I have used in Ireland and is available in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Clare, and all over Ireland all over Ireland. Click here to view this battery operated lawn mower.

This cordless mower comes with a 100% guarantee and is on special offer reduced from €249 to only €199 including vat at 23%. This cordless mower does require a battery and charger, and these can also be used on a full range of ProPlus garden tools whoch you can view here.

Thank you for reading this article and remember we offer quick delivery to all of Ireland, or you can view and collect instore. Any questions please do not hesitate to call 01 456 0215 or email

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