What’s new, great value, and in season at Hardware Ireland

What’s new, great value, and in season at Hardware IrelandHello and thank you for being a customer of Hardware Ireland. This week we would like to tell you a little bit about our range of fire and home heating products.

In addition to our range of coal shovels, pokers, and grate brushes, we also carry the good old fashioned Metal Dustpan and Brush Set. For dust free removal of ash and cinders check out the DeVille Shovel & Holder Set, at only €24.99 it is a convenient answer to the age old problem of cleaning out the fire. On the same subject how about the DeVille Coal Bucket & Free Companion set at only €29.99. We also carry a range of shuttles, fire fronts, fire grates, fire guards in addition to some great value sets, all ready to go to a good home.

For local delivery check out our price on coal, briquettes, logs and sticks. Another great line is the Briquette Maker, a great way to make your own fuel from old papers and the likes. And don’t forget to make sure you prolong the life of your grate or stove by using our great value grate saver. At only €14.99 this could save you a ton of money by extending the life of your stove or burner.

If your chimney or fire place needs a bit of attention then check out our range of fire bricks, fire cement, chimney brushes and not forgetting the wonderful chimney cleaning log. If you really want to save money then have a close look at the DeVielle Firefront Door. This DIY fitting fire front can not only save you money but will make your fire place a lot more efficient, give you 33% saving on fuel, and stop a huge percentage of your heat from going up the chimney.

I bet you never knew that Hardware Ireland is probably the biggest supplier of coal bunkers both here and in the UK. With our prices delivered straight to your door that should be no surprise.

Never one to forget fire safety, www.hardwareireland.ie have a full range of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and home fire extinguishers for your health and safety. We also carry a great range of electric and gas heater for instant heat when not using solid fuel burners. Some of the extra specials here are the PIFCO-Tall-Oil-Filled-Radiator. And the Mansion standard gas heater and only €89.00.

Thank you for taking the time and hope we can be of some service to you. Don’t forget if you need any help just email info@hardwareireland.ie or call 00353 (0)1 456 0215.

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