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Pestclear – The Best Way to Keep Mice, Rats, & Crawling Insects out of Your Home.

Pestclear - The Best Way to Keep Mice, Rats, & Crawling Insects out of Your Home.

If you have a problem with Mice, Rats, or Crawling insects in your home, Pestclear do a fantastic range of Mice repellents, Rat repellent, Mouse Traps, Rat traps, and Rat cages that are second to none. This range is a must have for all homes and offices, and the best time to use them is when you do not have these unwelcome visitors. Pestclear is a simple plug in device, that emits an ultrasonic sound that humans can’t hear, but rodents and insects can and it  will cause stress, and confuse them so they effectively “pack their bags” and move out. Having used this product for a number of years, I can personally recommend the Pestclear range, quite simply, they work.

The new Slimline Pestclear Pest Repeller comes in three main sizes, Pestclear 100, which covers one room up to 1000 Sq.Ft, Pestclear slimline 2000, will cover your whole house up to 2000 SqFt, and the Pestclear 3000, would be best used for larger houses.

Pestclear uses electronics to create an environment inside your home that drives many pests out of their common nesting areas, and therefore right out of your home. The electromagnetic signal works all around the house, but the ultrasound is restricted to the open area in which the unit is located. Mice Rats, and many other crawling insects, ants, mosquitoes, and even some types of spider just vacate your home once the Pestclear is plugged in and working. Pestclear is extremely safe to use and it will not affect your Dog, Cat, Pet Birds, Fish, or your family. Pestclear work hard to exceed all safety standards, and full safety documentation is available for inspection.

How much do they cost to run? Well it costs less than 2 cents a month for the Pestclear 1000 and 4 cents a month for the Pestclear 3000. Is it worth that to keep mice, and rats out of your home?

Pestclear have a range of standard traps and cages: Live Catch Mouse trap, standard wooden mouse trap in a five pack, pre-baited mouse traps, in addition to Large Rat traps, and even rat cages where you can capture the pest alive

At Hardware Ireland, we carry a comprehensive range of the Pestclear products, and we give a no quibble guarantee on the full range. Just get the right size for your home, plug it in and let it work its magic. Then kiss your rodent control problem goodbye.

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