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Outdoor Brass Bib Tap EP12HUBC

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Product Ref: EP12HUBC

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1/2″ Instantor Tap(Bib Tap). Fits to the wall with a compression backing plate which is sold seperately (4.99)

How to best fit an outdoor tap

An Outside tap is very useful, with the cheap availability of Pressure washers Outside taps have become very common place.

Fitting a outside tap is not difficult, there is only one pipe to connect to and normally three screws which hold the back plate to the wall.

The tap needs locating in a suitable location preferably above a drain so that the water can drain away from the property.


Start by drilling a hole through the wall big enough for a piece of 15mm pipe to pass through, it is best to drill with a small diameter bit first all the way through the wall then drill in from each side with a larger drill bit.

Push a length of 15mm copper pipe through the wall and cut another piece of pipe long enough to reach from the pipe shoved through the wall to the approximate position of the Bib tap. Join these two pieces together using a elbow, now fasten the Back Plate on to the open piece of pipe, if you are using a compression joint put some PTFE tape around the thread.

Push the back plate against the wall and mark the position of the drill holes, this is easy as the pipe will turn 360 degrees as the pipe is not yet connected inside! Turn the back plate and attached pipe then it is not in your way and drill the three holes, plug the holes and fasten the back plate to the wall with either brass or stainless steel screws as normal screws will rust outside.

Put plenty of PTFE tape around the thread on the Bib Tap and screw it into the Back Plate, hold the back plate with a pair of water pump pliers and screw the tap home.