FAISCTS8 Faithfull Tailoring Shears 200mm or 250mm Scissors

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Product Ref: FAISCTS8/10

Price from: €12.99

Faithfull Tailor Shears 200mm or 250mm

A selection of high quality traditional scissors manufactured from stainless steel with precision ground blades for accurate cutting. They can be used for textiles, synthetic textiles, canvas, rubber, carpet and underlay, felt, rope, plastic film, plastic and fine wire mesh, paper and card.

All Faithfull scissors feature a centre adjustment screw, allowing the blades to be tightened or taken apart for sharpening. The range includes the most popular scissors for both the professional user and for use around the home.

Availabale in 200mm (8") at €9.99 or 250mm (10") at €12.99