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20 Essential Items for Every Home Kit


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It is very frustrating when you just need a little bit of tape to hold something in place or perhaps some glue to hold a shoe together only to go to THAT drawer (we all have one) and find its gone. So we decided to get a little essential kit together for your house that has 20 items every home should have. Then give a great discount and give ourselves a warm glow that we are making you guys smile when you open that drawer and think of us! So whats in the kit? Our RRP is in brackets behind each item

1. A roll of duck tape (€4.99) – how many times does this fella save us? waterproof and durable

2. 3g super glue tube (€3.49) – will stick most surfaces including most plastics

3. A pack of 4 assorted plug top fuses (€2.99) – ever had to take the fuse out of the iron and into the lamp and so on!

4. A phase tester (€2.49)- yep you may have had to try change that fuse with a kitchen knife!

5. A precision screwdriver set (€6.99)- was it a toy or a set of glasses that you just could not get the right screwdriver for ? these will sort all those little awkward screws https://www.hardwareireland.ie/product/Blackspur-Precision-Screwdriver-Set-6-Pc-369/

6. A roll of PTFE (€1.00)- this plumbers tape is the guy you need to seal that leaky plumbing fitting along the threads .

7.A 60w bulb (€1.50) – a regular bayonet 60w bulb just in case

8.A pack of 4 Panasonic AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries (€2.99 x 2) – . Remote batteries gone? Or the kids play-station controller? Or the clock stopped? Well you will be sorted now

9.Assorted picture hooks and nails (€3) – a few for solid walls, a few for plaster walls and an assortment of some popular size nails

10.Assorted screws (€3) – some 20mm 25mm and 40mm screws -handy sizes to have to hand

11.A hang-able magnetic torch light (€9.99) – a great piece of kit with bright LED light https://www.hardwareireland.ie/product/xms14swivel-lighthouse-led-swivel-stand-torch/https://www.hardwareireland.ie/product/xms14swivel-lighthouse-led-swivel-stand-torch/

12. A cigarette lighter (50 cent) – for candles in case of electricity strike

13. 10 x 8 hour burning night lights (€2.50) – in case of electricity strike or romantic emergency!

14. A utility craft knife (€1.99) – a handy Stanley knife for cutting and shaping

15. A junior hacksaw(€3.99) – will cut most metals and small timber jobs

16. 6 pairs of latex gloves and a dust mask (€2.75) – for the dirty jobs

17. 24 assorted cable ties (€4.00)- for tidying wires or hanging

18. A radiator key (€2) – to ensure the radiators are firing on full cylinder

19. A Pozi 2 screwdriver (€4) – for anything larger than the precision screwdriver set

20. A shifting spanner/adjustable wrench (€8) – will cover most small household size nuts

We reckon this will keep you sorted for most basic household tasks. The total of this basket of goods comes to €75.16 and postage €4.99. As an offer to you our loyal customer we will send the whole lot to your door including delivery for €50 a saving of €29.15!Use the code 20ITEMS for the free delivery. Just remember to think fondly of us when you do have to go to THAT drawer next time!