4 x Fire Starting Firepack

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Product Ref: BNMFP4

Price from: €21.99

4 x Firepack - Dublin 12 Delivery Only

Due to the weight of this product the max we can deliver nationwide is 1 pack of 4 for €4.99.

Each additional pack of 4 will cost €4.99 each extra for delivery nationwide

How to use:

First, just place the pack flat on the grate with the red lighting strip facing toward you.

Now, just pull out the corners of the red lighting strip, and light them.

Finally, sit back and bask in the glow of a roaring fire, and a job well done!

 Firepack is the perfect way to start your fire. To turn your house into a home with a real fire, you can add any of our coals, briquettes or real logs to extend your fire.