Aqua Globes Plant Hydrating Units 2 Pack

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Product Ref: AQG

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Now, there is a simple and attractive way to keep plants perfectly watered all the times. Aqua Globes™ the hand-blown glass watering bulb automatically waters plant for up to 2 weeks 

Easy-to-use Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs are the most beautiful solution for automatic plant watering ever. Just fill the Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs with water and insert into the soil of plant. As soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs, which releases the exact amount of water your plant needs - it's that simple! Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs are the perfect alternative to daily watering and an excellent solution to watering plants while on vacation. Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs the work of art that waters plants for you