Duracell A23 12V Battery LRVO8

Product Ref: LRVO8

Price: €3.99

Attention: If you purchase one of these batteries, it could unfortunately arrive without the retail packaging as shown in the picture. This is due to the irregular supply of this singular packaged battery. It will be taken from one of these 2 x Duracell MN21 Batteries

This MN21 / A23 battery manufactured by Duracell is a small cylindrical 12v cell. Not to be confused with the very similar in size 1.5v N type battery. An MN21 battery is commonly used in bluetooth headsets, keyless vehicle entry systems, automatic gates and various other electronic key fob radio devices.

Is also known as: Energizer A23, K23A, LRV08, 8LR23, ANSI -1181A

  • Made by a renowned quality manufacture, Duracell
  • Excellent long life which easily out performs the cheaper brands
  • Only Fresh stock held at Pioneer Batteries, guaranteeing batteries with Long Lives.
  • may be used in car alarms, door bells etc