Einhell BT-VC1250S Wet and Dry Vac - 20 Litre

Product Ref: EINBTVC1250S

Price: €79.99

BT-VC1250S Wet & Dry Vac 20 Litre


The BT-VC 1250 S in an all round vaccum cleaner. You can clean rough, fine and dry or wet dirt even liquid without any problems. The wet-dry vaccum cleaner is switched off automatically due to a protection float switch when liquid is suctioned.


36 mm tube system 
Carrying handle 
4 pcs castors 
20 l stainless steel vessel 
Accessory bracket 
Cable bracket 
Blow adapter 

Standard accessories: 
1 suction hose * 36 mm 
1 handle with air regulator 
1 dust collection bin 
1 foam filter 
1 crevize nozzle 
3 extension pipes * 36 mm 
1 attachment for carpets 
1 attachment for smooth floors 
1 attachment for wet vacuum cleaning 
1 large suction nozzle


Mains voltage 230 V ~ 50 Hz 
Input power 1250 W 
Vessel capacity 20 l