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G9 Energy Saving Halogen Capsule

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Product Ref: G9

Price: 4,99

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Product Information

Pack of 2 Eveready energy saver G9 capsule lamps.

These G9 lamps use 40% less energy and have an average life of 2,000 hours and have UV Stop glass. 

Wattage : 18w-25w or 33w-40w
Equivalent to : 25/40 Watts (240V)
Average Life: 2,000 hours / 2 Years
Light Colour: Warm White
Dimmable: Fully Dimmable
Finish: Clear
Lamp Base: G9 (240 Volt)
Energy Rating : B Rated
Manufacturers Code: ERESCAPG932CBL2 / S4853 

Please Note – When fitting G9 bulbs please no not touch the bulb with bare hands as this will dramatically reduce the bulbs life. Please use a lint and grease free cloth or tissue