Bostik MSP 107 Seal Bond White - All Weather Sealing and Bonding

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Product Ref: MSP107

Price: €11.99

Bostik MSP 107 Seal Bond White 290ml

  • Flexible Bonding seal that even works under water
  • Multi purpose sm polymer product for sealingand flexible bonding of zinc, brick, concrete , natural stone, mirror, iron, steel , aluminium, synthethic materials, wood, conglomerete , gutters, drainpipes and more 
  • Interior/exterior use 
  • Operating temperature-40 degree to 100 degree  celcius 
    • Covers 10m of beading 5mm in diameter 
  • Available in Single pack at €9.99 , 6 Pack at 39.99 and 12 Pack at 69.99