Evo Stik 007 All Purpose Adhesive Assorted Pack Sizes

Product Ref: ES007

Price: €11.99

  • Evo-Stik Trade 007 eliminates the need for any other type of sealant or adhesive and can be used in more than 7 specialist construction fields such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Glazing, Metal Fabrication, Tiling, and Decorating.
  • Evo-Stik Trade 007 is specially designed to replace at least 7 individual products including: Panel Adhesive Mirror Adhesive Sanitary Silicone All Weather Silicone General Purpose Silicone Decorators Caulk Wood Glue
  • Available in Single pack at €11.99 , 6 Pack at 59.99 and 12 Pack at 99.99