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Fibre Tech Waterproof Tanking Kit

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Product Ref: FTTK1

Price: 59.99

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Product Information

Waterproof Tanking Kit
Everything required – in one box 
• As easy to use as paint 
• Totally waterproof 
• Provides a flexible membrane 
• Suitable for power showers and wet rooms 
• Sufficient for 4.5 m/2
Kit Includes: Brush 
• Latex glove 
• Spreader 
• Roller 
• Primer 
• Waterproof Coating 
• Polyester Tape 
• Polyester Matting

1 Use the Roller (and a brush if required), to prime all wall and floor surfaces with the supplied Primer. Allow to dry.
2 Use the Spreader or Brush to apply the Waterproof Coating to:
Internal and external corners of walls and partitions.
Wall junctions with bases, upstands/columns.
At pipe penetration points, drainage channels/outlets.
Junctions of different bases, background materials.
Cracks, gaps and joints in background/base
3 Reinforce critical edges and corners with Polyester tape

4 Apply Waterproof Coating over the Polyester tape.
5 Use the Brush or Spreader to apply a 2mm thickness of Waterproof Coating to Walls
6 Apply Waterproof Coating to the floor.
7 Reinforce the Waterproof Coating with the Polyester Matting.
8 Bed the matting into the coating and apply a second layer of Waterproof Coating over the top.
9 Allow the membrane to dry for a minimum 24 hours before tiling.  When dry, background is suitable for use with ready-mixed or cementitious powder adhesives. No priming is required.
Note.  Instructions 7 and 8 would normally only be necessary where applying the kit in heavy duty wet areas or where some vibration may be expected, e.g., on timber floors.

Completely Waterproofs a Shower or Bath Area.


  1. NOT suitable for exterior use or in areas of total immersion (e.g. swimming pools)
  2. Do NOT use in temperatures below 5 degree C or in damp conditions.
  3. The waterproof Coating DOES NOT provide a wearing surface and is designed for use with ceramic tiling.
  4. Waterproof Coating will support a maximum weight of 32kg/m2.
  5. When applying to concrete, sand/cement screed and rendering plaster, allow sufficient drying times as follows: Concrete/concrete block walls/clay brickwork : 6 weeks *  Cement  sand screed : 3 weeks * Cement sand rendering : 2 weeks * Plaster : 4 weeks
  6. When applying to partition walls, plasterboard, fibreboard and timber floors, ensure that these are well braced with adequate ventilation from behind or below – and are sufficiently strong and rigid to support the weight of any tiling.