PTFE Teflon Tape Assorted Pack Sizes

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Product Ref: PTFE

Price from: €0.99

Ptfe Tape sold invarious pack sizes;

  1. Single
  2. 2 Pack
  3. 10 Pack
  4. 50 Pack


Teflon tape is great on tapered pipe threads. It's inexpensive, seals and lubricates the pipe threads, and is easy to apply.

Teflon tape is appropriate for pipe connections where the pipe is tapered. In these types of connections, the pipe threads make the seal. The tape helps lubricate the threads and improves the seal. Threaded joints where the pipe is not tapered (parallel threads) employ a gasket or washer to make the seal (such as on a union joint), in those cases, the tape serves no purpose, as the seal is made with the gasket, not the threads.