Pestclear Ultrasonic Mouse-Rat-Ant Repeller Assorted Sizes

Product Ref: pc2000

Price from: €19.99

  • UK Product of the Year, and the best selling pest repeller in Europe. 
  • Combines ultrasound with electromagnetic interference pattern which drives mice, rats and many crawling insects from their hiding places inside walls, ceilings, attics and other hidden areas of the house. 
  • Electromagnetic repeller works through entire house, up to 2,000 sq.ft. 
  • Safe near rodent pets (ultrasound can be turned off). 
  • Also works on mosquitoes. 
  • Comes with 1 year SILVER WARRANTY. 
  • Specify UK or EU Plug version.
  • Available in three sizes:
  1. 1000 sq feet (€19.99)-suitable for bungalows, caravans,mbile homes etc 
  2. 2000 sq feet (€29.99)-suitable for standard 3-4 bedroom houses 
  3. 3000 sq feet (€39.99)-suitable for larger homes and workplaces