ProPlus Petrol Cement Mixer COM026221

Product Ref: COM026221

Price: €699.99

ProPlus Petrol Cement Mixer

The ProPlus Petrol Cement Mixer - 2.4HP is a petrol cement mixer with a 4 stroke engine with a rubberised covering. The drum capacity is 5 cubic feet and it's opening is 40 x 40cm .This high quality cement mixer comes equipped with rubberised solid wheels and plastic handgrips. The height of the stand is 66 centimetres and the shovel height is 106cm.

• 2.4HP/4 stroke engine

• Rubberised cover over the engine

• Drum capacity 5 cubic feet.

• Drum Opening 40cm x 40cm

• Stand Height 66cm

• Shovel Height 106cm

• Rubberised Solid Wheels

• Plastic Handgrips