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Rapid Repair Large Patch – 300mm x 225mm or 75mm x 150mm

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Product Ref: RRPL

Price: 9.9919.99

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Easy Patch provides a quick, easy and effective solution to all your maintenance and repair problems. There is no sealing, mixing or brushing needed, simply peel off the backing paper and press it firmly on to the damaged surface. Easy Patch will bond to almost any clean dry surface such as wood, metal, fiberglass, concrete, glass and most plastics.

Easy Patch is soft and pliable and will mould to virtually any shape. It cures on exposure to UV Light (Daylight) and the typical cure times range from 10 minutes to one hour depending on the intensity of the UV exposure.

Once the product has hardened, it provides a permanent repair as it is heat resistant, tough, and waterproof and can be drilled, sanded and painted if required.

Available in 2 sizes 75mm x 150mm at €9.99 or  300mm x 225mm at €19.99