Robomop Cleaning Revolution for hard floors

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The RoboMop will run across your floor, and clean a 60 square metre surface with 98% accuracy in 1 hour. The 8.5 centimetre low mop actually cleans areas where you usually do not clean yourself like under sofas, beds and cupboards. (Where the real amounts of dust piles up).

If you've got rooms with laminate, lyno, tiled, or wooden floors (in fact anything hard, so not carpet) this helpful little chap will save you hours and hours of cleaning each month leaving you free to enjoy life to the max.

The Robomop is charged up and a special electrostatic pad is placed on the bottom. It is then placed in the cleaning area and is good to go. You stipulate how long it scoots about your floor collecting dust. When the time is up simply pick up and put the cloth in the bin complete with all that yucky dust (99% of which is human dead skin!).

This reminds us of those funny hamster balls we used to have as kids with the poor long suffering hamster running around the lounge carpet; this is way more useful and much nicer to our furry little friends.

 Includes 5 free cleaning pads with each Robomop