Ryobi 230 Volt Heat Gun 2000 Watt RYBEHG2000

Product Ref: RYBEHG2000

Was: €59.99

Price: €49.99

EHG-2002C 230 Volt Heat Gun 2000 Watt

2 air rate positions for optimum control

2 temperature positionIncludes stand for vertical use

2 positions for temperature and air flow

The tool remains stable during intensive use and is protected against abnormal rise of temperature

Thermal switch protects the heating element from an abnormal rise in temperature*

Durability of the resistance for intensive use

Technical data

Input power: 2000 W

Cold Position: 2

Weight: 1.28 kg

Air flow 1: 250

Air flow 2: 500

Heat 1: 60 °C

Heat 2: 600 °C

Overall length: 245 mm