SDB 118 Philips Oslo Hoover Bags

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Product Ref: SDB 118 / UNI 98

Price: €7.99

OSLO, HR6300, HR6380, HR6385, HR6400, HR6460, HR6480, HR6500, HR6520, HR6580, HR6700, HR6720, HR6730, HR6760, HR6780, HR8700, HR8800, HR8900, T300, T320, T520, T560, T580, T720, T800, TC411, TC412, TC414, TC430, TC432, TC480, TC612, TC615, TC622, TC624, TC631, TC633, TC634, TC738, TCX511, TCX513, TCX531, TCX533, TCX535, TCX536, TCX537, TCX628, TCX631, TCX642, TCX772, TCX778, TCX852, TCX889, P700, P710, P720, P760, TCX852, TCX889, P700, P710, P720, P760 VITALL, 371, 373, 377, 385, VISION, 482201570049, t500, t350,