SDB 274 Samsung 7100 Series Hoover-Bags

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Product Ref: SDB274 / UNI184

Price: €5.99

Samsung Compact:

VC6313, VC360, VC415S, VC500N, VC510, VC511M, VC512S, VC513, VC516, VC520, VC525, VC530, VC533, VC563, VC623, VC950, VC4012, VC5913, VC6200, VC6201, VC6211, VC6213, VC6220, VC6250, VC6300, VC6301, VC6302, VC6303, VC6304, VC6310, VC6313H, VC6400A, VC6400M, VC6400S, VC6401, VC6440, VC6500, VC6540, VC6700, VC6701, VC6702, VC6703, VC6704, VC6706, VC6713, VC6814, VC7000, VC7100, VC7200, VC7400, VC7700, VC7714, VC7715, VC7500, VC7500B, VC7501, VC7550


Pack Quantity: Pack of 5