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Slugs Be Gone Slug Pellets Assorted Sizes

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Product Information

Slugs Be Gone is available in 3 Sizes: (Scroll to the end to see Alan Titchmarch discuss the merits of slug gone!)

1.65L €6.99

3.5L €9.99

10l €21.99

20l €39.99

Slug Gone is the latest form of slug control to hit the garden centres and it is a very effective way of keeping slugs at bay without harming the local wildlife as they are non-toxic, and made from a totally natural product (a big improvement on the usual slug pellets). 

Slug Gone is made from wool shoddy which is a by-product of sheep farming for wool.  Wool shoddy itself is the wool that is shaved off from around the bums of sheep, a clever sheep farmer has discovered that when used as a slug repellent it is very effective and slugs won’t cross over the wool. The same farmer has now used the wool shoddy and made them into pellets which are now sold as slug pellets.

Two reasons why those pesky slugs won’t cross over the wool pellets making this product so effective is that the slugs sense the salt from the sheeps sweat glands and so back away and this with the combination on the wool fibres that have a very fine scales on them with tiny barbs which irritates the slugs preventing them going across the pellets.

Slug Gone is also environmentally friendly and ideal for organic gardeners and is harmless to children, cats, dogs, birds and other wildlife.

How to apply slug gone?

Slug gone can simply be used as a barrier, all you need to do is spread a thin layer of the pellets around the base of plants such a hosta’s whether they are in pots or in the ground and then water the pellets. The pellets then form an insulation-type mat that does not blow or wash away.

Other reasons to use Slug Gone?

  • Also acts as a slow release fertiliser
  • Rich organic source of nitrogen
  • Weed suppression
  • Soil structure improver
  • Soil moisture retention when used on hanging baskets and tubs as the wool attracts and locks in moisture from the soil.