Element U-Bracket White for Wall Upright Shelving

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Product Ref: ELE015Z-27Z

Price from: €2.49

U-Bracket Silver or White

• The term bracket defines the supporting element for shelves. All brackets can be installed by simply being slotted into wall uprights
• Specially designed brackets are available for different types of upright
• The limitless versatility of these components is ensured by their high load bearing capacity of 50kg and their compatablity, not only with other components in the range but also other materials, eg wooden and glass shelves
• Use with wall uprights 10002

Available in 7 sizes in either white or silver;

  1. 12cm €2.49
  2. 17cm €2.99
  3. 22cm €3.49
  4. 27cm €3.49
  5. 32cm €3.99
  6. 37cm €4.99
  7. 47cm €5.99