Wes Chem Concrete Buster 3 in 1 2 Sizes

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Product Ref: WCCB

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Wes Chem Concrete Buster with fast 3 in 1 action. Removes dirt, grime and algae, cleans footpaths, walkways and patios for a new looking safer surface. Concrete Buster is biodegradable user friendly cleaner.

How to apply product

Apply to surface using a watering can or garden sprayer. Ensure that the surface being treated is well sprayed.
1) Leave for 1 – 2 hours and then powerwash or
2) Spray and leave for 15 minutes. Scrub area using a deck brush and then rinse area with clean water using a garden hose.
Will not stain Tarmacadam

Directions for Use

For Normal use
Dilute 1 part of Concrete Buster to 5 parts water
Coverage 210 sq metre or 265 yards when mixed at 5 : 1

For Light use
Dilute 1 part of Concrete Buster to 10 parts water
Coverage 385 sq metre or 486 yards when mixed at 10 : 1

Sizes available 2.5 L - 5 L - 25L