Yale HSA6400 Premium Alarm Kit and Free Infa Red Detectors

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Product Ref: Yale HSA6400

Price: €499.99


Limited offer: Includes Free Box of 3 PIR Infa-Red Movement detectors while stocks last.

The Yale Premium Alarm HSA6400 has a fitted telephone auto-dialler that will contact up to 3 (Three) different landline or mobile phone numbers in the event of an alarm activation. Also if you forget to set your alarm you can do this remotely via a telephone handset. Easy to install and feature packed the Yale Premium Alarm is a highly effective and reliable alarm system at an outstanding price.

The Yale premium alarm control panel has a fitted internal siren. Arming options allow you to have all the detectors active (Fully armed) or only selected detectors for when you are inside the property (Part Armed). You can control the alarm system via the control panel or optional wireless remote keyfobs and keypads.

Yale alarms have a fully wireless working external siren. The siren has a flashing blue strobe light and sounder that is activated when the alarm is set off.

Average battery life is 2 years+ from the readily available alkaline batteries that power all Yale alarm wireless components.

Up to 20 additional detectors and remote controllers can be added to Yale alarm systems.

  • Model: Yale B-HSA6400
  • Alerts you by telephone when alarm is triggered; Programme in up to 3 numbers i.e. mobile, office or family member
  • Activate and de-activate system remotely via touch telephone
  • Fully functional control panel with digital display
  • Exit/entry period can be altered to suit; Arm parts of property and disarm others
  • Kit includes: 1 siren box with flashing LED, 1 dummy siren box, 1 telecommunicating control panel, 2 PIR movement detectors and 2 door/window contacts
  • Includes Free Box of 3 PIR Infa-Red Movement detectors while stocks last.