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ALM GP205 or FIQ8 Plastic Blades for Flymo Black and Decker

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Product Ref: ALMGP205

Price: 9.99

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Product Information

GP205/FIQ8 Plastic Blades

Clip-on Blades to fit Flymo, and BLACK and DECKER early model lawnmowers with ‘figure 8’ type mounting including FLYMO Sprinter E25, E250, Sprintmaster XE250, XE300 etc. BLACK and DECKER GX302, 260, 300, 200, 250, 303, GE700, Q5, H5, HX3, T1, GR102, 101, R51, R4, R12 etc. 

Compares to part numbers Flymo FLY012, 5148257-02/4 Black and Decker A6072, A6086
20 in a pack.

*Please Note: This item can be shipped for as little as €2.00.