Big Stretch Caulk and Sealer 310ML

Product Ref: BS310

Price from: €9.99

Big Stretch Caulk and Sealer 310ML

Big Stretch is a 100% acrylic latex, high-performance caulk with powerful adhesion and elasticity.

Big Stretch will stretch and compress to absorb just about any movement a home can dish out.

This caulk is "as easy as spreading mayo on a BLT!"

Big stretch satys put ensuring you never have to caulk again as it will never crack

Convenient water clean up

Paintable-latex or oil paints will not shine or remain tacky when applied

Exterior or interior caulk-crown molding or trim are no problem

Superb adhesion to wood, siding, vinyl, fiber cement, concrete, metal or glass

Will not dry hard or crack

Spans gaps up to 2" wide(use backer rod and tape in wide joints)

Mildew resistant