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Black and Decker BDV1084 12v Battery Charger with Diagnostics


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Product Information

Black & Decker BDV1084 2/6/10 Amp Battery Charger with Battery Diagnostics.

FEATURES: Suitable for all 12 volt lead acid battery types High frequency power conversion technology 3 Stage

SMART CHARGE Technology provides long life battery performance by smart charging in 3 stages during a complete cycle

Reverse Hook Up Warning dramatically reduces the risk of sparks or explosion

2 / 6 / 10 Amps automatic battery charger allows you to choose between maintenance or high speed charge

Digital diagnostics monitors battery conditions, battery voltage and alternator conditions

Reverse polarity and short circuit protection for extra safety and durability

Digital diagnostics Digital Smart Control helps maintain the life of the battery through accurate monitoring

3 stage automatic charging

Large LED digital display

Heavy duty cable and clamps for extra durability 

USES: Ideal for the long term maintenance of batteries of irregularly or seasonally used vehicles

Ideal for car, boat, motorcycle, golf cart, recreational and leisure vehicle batteries