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Bosch AHM 38G Cylinder Push Lawnmower 38cm 0600886103 boschmowers

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Product Ref: 0600886103

Price: 94.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Bosch AHM 38G

  • Precise scissor-like cut.

    User Benefit
    Uncomplicated: fast. convenient mowing of small lawn areas.
    Efficient: shear-cutting principle for high cut quality.
    Refined: clicklocking mechanism for tool-free setting of the bottom blade.
    Other Features
    Cylinder cut system with 5 curved blades made from hardened steel
    Variable height-of-cut adjustment and a cutting width of 38 cm
    Simple bottom blade adjustment with clicklocking system
    Maintenance-free cutting cylinder on ball bearings
    Easy-to-use bar for better ergonomics
    Smooth-running wheels with special gear reduction for easy pushing
    Cutting width: 38 cm
    Cutting system: Cylinder blades (5 blades)
    Weight: 7.5 kg
    Height-of-cut: 15 – 43 mm
    Cutting height adjustment: stepless
    Lower blade setting: Click lock
    Comfort wheels and guide