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Bosch AMW Trimmer 10 with POLE 06008A3370

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Product Ref: 06008A3370

Price: 199,95

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Product Information

The AMW 10 RT 3 in 1 multi-tool system has the ability to work with three different attachments, the hedgecutter, tree pruner and trimmer. The grass trimmer attachment is ideal for overgrown areas and large surfaces. For an ideal all-purpose tool designed to cope with all your gardening requirements, you need look no further than the 3-in-1 multi tool system from Bosch, an ideal combination of power, utility and ergonomic design. The multi-tool system is composed of a base unit with a powerful 1000W motor and three attachments: the hedge-cutter, the pole-pruner and the heavy-duty trimmer, which can be easily swapped without tools for maximum ease of use.

The base unit has been designed not only with the power to deliver maximum cutting performance, but also to ensure a comfortable experience for the operator: the unit is ergonomically designed to be easy to carry and handle, and weighing in at only 4.2kg it is light enough to use for long periods of time without discomfort, even once the required attachment is added. The shoulder strap is also padded and adjustable to ensure maximum comfort and balance. The handle is adjustable, and incorporates 360° rotation, so the unit is as convenient to use as it is comfortable. Adding to this convenience is the attached hook, enabling you to simply hang your unit up out of the way when it is not in use.

This trimmer attachment for the multi-tool system is designed to be especially good at handling overgrown grass or large areas a flimsier trimmer would be unable to cope with. The state-of-the-art design, featuring trimmer lines instead of a flimsy nylon line cutting system, enables the operator to use the trimmer with confidence in even the toughest conditions. The trimmer lines replacing a metal blade also mean the trimmer attachment is extremely light, weighing in at only 1.3kg, making it easily light enough to carry and use for as long as necessary, even when combined with the motor attachment. The trimmer’s cutting width of 36cm also makes it ideal for coping with large areas: this machine is definitely not restricted to trimming verges or narrow edges. The trimmer shaft is angled for comfort, so the operator can use the machine standing straight, and the head is also fitted with a wide guard to ensure the safety of the operator and minimise grass deflection.
Comes with:
1 x multi-tool unit only
1 x shoulder strap
1 x instruction manual
1 x trimmer attachment
(Pruner and Hedgecutter attachments not included)