Bosch Keo Garden Saw 0600861970

Product Ref: 0600861970

Price: €115.00

Bosch Keo Garden Saw 0600861970

The Bosch KEO is a compact and lightweight reciprocating garden saw powered by an integral 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery. It is lightweight and features a detachable A-grip hook for improved performance even on unsupported branches. The KEOs Swiss precision blades provide a clean cut and the Bosch SDS system makes blade changing easy and tool-free.

10.8 volt lithium-ion integrated battery for a powerful performance--no self-discharge, no memory effect, always ready to use

Softgrip and ergonomic shape for increased manoeuvrability

Easy saw blade changes for use on a variety of garden materials

Quick stop and hand guard for increased safety

Detachable ‘A-Grip’ for improved performance in unsupported branches

Safety lock prevents unintentional activation

Easy charging due to mobile phone-type charger

Swiss-made quality saw blade for precise and clean cuts up to 80 mm (when ‘A-Grip’ has been detached)