Bugga Loopz Anti Mosquitoe Hangable Loops

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Product Ref: BUGGAL

Price: €9.99

Bugga Bandz Anti Mosquito Loopz

Contain essential oils from natural plant extraction which are proven to protect against mosquitoes and other nasty insects including black flies, Midges, Sand Flies, Fleas and Ticks

The bands diffuse a distinctive scent to form a protective shield around the area of use

Suitable for tents, prams, tents, dining areas and BBQs

They may be hung or stuck around the area of use

Water reistant and effective for 7 days

Fashionable design and each pack contains onw blue, 1 x purple & 1 x green loop measuring 50mm each

Ideal for holidays, hiking, camping, festivals, fishing, golfing, and all outdoor activity