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Capti Content Creator 360 Tracking Phone Mount

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Capti Content Creator 360 Tracking Phone Mount

Capti Content Creator 360 Tracking Phone Mount is an automatic, smart, shooting robot that is designed to help you capture your best moments hands-free. It’s simply your own personal camera-man

You can easily program the device to track your face, your pet or any moving object for accurate, real time pictures & videos.
Place your pose at will, and let a combination of deep learning and computer vision algorithms take multiple scenes for whatever target you set prior to the shooting.
Made of high-strength ABS plastic, impact resistant and wear resistant. Clamp with elastic grip and soft silicone, support for 56-100mm mobile phones, 360° rotation, no dead angle to recognize your face automatically. Support iOS10 and later, Andriod 8.1 and later (free app included).

Power supply: 3*AAA for up to 75 hours. 

The device comes with a free OS & Android application that enables you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and pair it. 
– It can be used for many purposes take pictures, Vlogs, connect on video conferences and much more, it is also tripod compatible for a more adaptable hands-free experience.
– Artificial intelligence is embedded within the360 app, constantly optimizing your video/image composition. With our accurate face object tracking system you simply get to capture the best shots.
– The device is engineered to capture all your shots under any possible angle. It can rotate 360° horizontally with an additional 37° vertical upward and downward flip, tracking it’s targets with no dead angles.
– Pause 360 App Smart Face Tracking Gimbal Object Facial Follow 360° Rotation Selfie Stick Phone Holder video.