Cupan Amhain boils water in 5 seconds

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Price: €95.00

Cupán Amháin is the revolutionary new kettle from Watersave that is guaranteed to save you money on energy costs.Is someone in your house always pushing the button on the kettle and then walking away only to go back and re-boil the water again. This is one of the greatest wastes of energy around the house. Cupán Amháin boils exactly the amount of water you need. Just place your cup under the spout push the button and boil exactly the right amount of water. No waste of energy and super convenient.

2.5 litre volume make up to 20 cups of tea.

Super safe for kids.

Cupán Amháin is never full of boiled water.

Double safety device include general switch and ON/OFF knob.

Beautiful design to suit even the most modern kitchens.

Different water volume for choice: 100ML, 200ML, 300M, CONTINUOUS WATER.

Energy saving, dispense boiling water in 5 seconds,

100% boiling water guarantee, 95 degree or above.

Dispense water up to 450ml per minute.

Dual colour indicators:turns green when working, turns red when short of water.

Transparent water gauge with clear level mark.

Detachable water drip tray for easy cleaning.