Defenders Rabbit Fox and Wild Animal Repellent Sachet 50g

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Product Ref: STV615

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Defenders Rabbit & Wild Animal Repellent Sachet 50g

  • Prevents plant and garden damage from animal pests. 
  • This water soluble repellent can treat up to 16sqm and acts as a deterrent to rabbits, foxes and other wild animals. 
  • Child and pet safe once contact area has dried. 
  • Treats up to 16sqm 
  • Outdoor Use Only Welfare-Friendly Deterrent 
  • Contains Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate


How To Use Rabbit & Wild Animal Repellent

50g of Defenders Rabbit & Wild Animal Repellent is sufficient to make 9 litres of spray solution.

Empty the sachet into a clean container and add sufficent lukewarm water to ensure the the powder is completely dissolved.

Make up the solution to 9 litres with cold water and apply immediately.

Stir thoroughly before use.

The solution can be applied either with a watering can or through suitable spraying equipment.

To repel rabbits this quantity of solution will treat 32sqm.