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Expandet Rosett Plasterboard Rawlplugs Assorted Sizes

Product Details

Product Ref: EPR

Price: 3.995.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

  • Rosette is recommended for fixing heavy objects in plasterboard, chipboards or any cavity wall.
  • Rosett is tightened with ordinary or power screwdriver.
  • No special tools required. Rosett works with the same degree of safety whether used in insulation or simple cavities. Extremely easy to fit.
  • Rosett does not damage the wall.
  • Strong nylon construction with reinforced glass fibre threaded nut.
  • Recommended by leading plasterboard manufacturers.
  • Screw is longer than the plug. When the screw apasses through the plug the plug tightens back on itself giving great weight holding.
  • Available in 3 sizes:
  1. Medium=6 x 35mm (6mm drill bit) €4.99- 25kg weight holding per plug
  2. Large=8 x 45mm (8mm drill bit) €5.49-35kg weight holding per plug
  3. 10 x 55mm (10mm drill bit) €5.99-50kg weight holding per plug